The Department of Peace Studies at Payap University in providing various academic programs specializing in both practical and theoretical peace studies. These include Ph.D. Program which has 2 study plans, and certificate programs.

1) Four-year Ph.D. in Peacebuilding. The program includes three semesters of coursework, one semester of examination and dissertation proposal preparation, and four semesters of the dissertation.

2) Two-year “dissertation only” Ph.D. program in Peacebuilding. This program is for students who have already completed a two-year Master’s program in Peace Studies.

3) One-year certificate program in Peace Studies. This is a coursework-only program for professionals experienced in peacebuilding, and who hold a Bachelor’s degree.

4) One-year independent peace research certificate program. This is a research focus program for both scholars and professionals experienced in peacebuilding, and who hold a Bachelor’s degree.

Students who graduate from the Ph.D. Program in Peacebuilding will have the knowledge, competence, and skills to analyze conflicts and develop holistic peacebuilding approaches based on scientific research and deep understanding of the theoretical knowledge and concepts underpinning peacebuilding and conflict resolution, as well as the capacity to integrate and synthesize knowledge across disciplines, to communicate effectively with various groups and demonstrate ethical leadership and good character in conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

In addition to these programs, The IRCP, now the Religion, Culture, and Peace Laboratory, has hosted many different events in peace studies, some on campus in Chiang Mai and others in locations around Thailand and Southeast Asia. Please contact us for further details.

Language: English

Location: Payap University, Mae Khao Campus, Chiang Mai, Thailand | Campus map |

Academic Year: August-May (International Schedule). Please contact the department for more specific information.

Faculty: International and Thai Instructors Teaching is in English.

Visa: Non-Thai citizens full-time student visa (for the duration of the study)