Minimun Qualifications for application

  1. Demonstration of fluency in English via a 500 TOEFL score or equivalent.
  2. Bachelor’s degree and/or understanding field or academic background in Peace Studies

Method of selection

The Methods of selection are as follows:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Evidence of English proficiency
  3. Personal/telephone interview


The tuition fee is 6,500 Baht per seminar/course.  One-year program of 6 courses is 39,000 Baht including visa.


CPS 1 Foundation of Peace Studies
CPS 2 Religion and Peacebuilding
CPS 3 Human Rights and Peacebuilding

CPS 4 Cultural Dimensions of Peacebuilding
CPS 5 Peacebuilding as a Philosophical Enterprise
CPS 6 Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Peacebuilding


Learners can select to study from one to three courses. If a student has completed all 6 courses in both semesters, that student will be awarded with a Certificate in Peace Studies and official transcripts. If a student completes fewer than 6 courses, the student will receive only the transcripts for the courses taken.
For international students who need a Thai visa, they have to register for all 3 courses per semester to fulfill the required number, of course, hours by the Thai immigration regulation. The Certificate Program is a non-credit program. The maximum time for completing the program is two years.

Besides taking courses, certificate students will also benefit from taking part for free in various student development activities, training workshops, interreligious and intercultural field trips, conferences, and others.

*This Certificate Program is not for continuation into the two-year PhD Program in Peacebuilding.